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⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ The Telegraph
Spellbinding” & “Smartly cast and refreshingly comic... it lends a fresh perspective, stimulates artistic activity, challenges the status quo and brings joy” - Dominic Cavendish

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️The Oxford Mail & The Oxford Times

a theatrical masterpiece” & “It is by far the best show staged in Oxford so far this year. It might, and without a doubt should, be finally transferred to London and shown there with pride as a marvel forged in the country to prove that theatre in the 21st century can still defy all the rules set by economical circumstances for production teams, which state that all talent must be sucked and ruthlessly monetized in the West End.”

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“Wuthering Heights is a must, because this is story-telling at its best – unjudgemental, transportational, committed and memorable. If you watch anything this summer make sure it’s this production. You will never forget it.” OxInABox

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Daily Info “Oxford Shakespeare Company reaches new Heights of Wuthering at Wadham… highly recommended!”

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The Slingsby “If you can go to one outdoor theatre production this summer, I recommend you make it this one”

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The Mumbler “…absolutely captivating and can highly recommend!”

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In an exciting new venture, the team behind Lamplighter’s unanimously acclaimed The Life and Times of Fanny Hill, join the OSC to co-produce April de Angelis’ striking stage adaptation of Emily Bronte’s spell-binding Wuthering Heights.One of the most powerful love stories ever written by the great feminist writer of her age is brought to the stage by our leading feminist playwright.

April will be casting fresh eyes on her original text, originally commissioned by Birmingham rep in 2008 alongside director Michael Oakley (As You Like 2014 It and Private Lives 2018 for OSC) and composer Pete Flood (formerly of folk sensation Bellowhead) who both achieved excellent reviews for their work on Fanny Hill.Perhaps the most (in)famous romance in the literary canon this superlative tale of love and revenge - the tempestuous relationship of Heathcliff and Cathy from children to thwarted adults - is a timeless icon that continues to captivate audiences young and old to this day.

When Mr Earnshaw brings home the young “dark eyed boy” from unknown origins nobody is prepared for the astonishing relationship that unfolds between him and Earnshaw’s daughter Catherine – unleashing a tumult of passion affecting generations to come.This fast-moving exhilarating adaptation shows us that true love knows no bounds and holds the ordinary world in contempt.

April de Angelis is a highly acclaimed feminist playwright. Lamplighter are thrilled to be working with her again after the success of The Life and Times of Fanny Hill starring Caroline Quentin at Bristol Old Vic (touring 2021), one of the theatre’s fastest ever selling shows with a record number of first-time bookers under 30. The OSC are famous for their open air and site-specific productions in exceptional historic venues including Hampton Court and Kensington Palaces and the Tower of London.

It is with great pleasure then that their new co-production of this timeless Yorkshire classic will premiere at Castle Howard, the county’s finest stately home.



Site Specific and Bespoke Performances

The OSC are celebrated and critically acclaimed specialists in open-air and site specific theatre; performing fresh and inspiring productions of Shakespeare and other classic plays.

We invite people to immerse themselves in our shows; designed to be interactive with the environment and a strong emphasis on music and costume, allowing the audience to enjoy fully the world of the play.

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